What could the city be like in 2050? A place where people have taken back urban spaces that have been reworked for and by them so that everyone can use them in equal measure.

The Light City

ICS Milan philosophy starts here, from the idea of The Light City

It's a project that develops new visions and a strategic plan in which technology is at the service of a higher quality of urban models of coexistence. 

A project whose complex structure by its very nature takes on characteristics of lightness and agility thanks to intelligent management, fair sharing of means and resources, the implementation of strategies aimed at strengthening the feeling of belonging, without barriers. 

So that the city can become a place for relations, bringing people together around a shared project.

It is in this context that education and learning take on a major role: from now until 2050 it will be necessary to lay down the groundwork to make the Light City a reality. Our young students will be its future residents; their intellectual and creative resources are the essential elements to prepare a fertile ground on which to build the Light City.

ICS Values