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Leadership team

We have a team of qualified and experienced teachers and support staff who work closely with the children and their families to create strong relationships based upon mutual respect. We believe that our role is to care for and nurture our students, as well as educate them.

Antonia Giovanazzi Executive Principal ICS Milan


Jenny O'Fee Primary & Early Years Principal
Matthew Gilberthorpe Secondary Principal
Giulia De Donato Early Years Coordinator (Tenca)
Sarah Revell Primary Coordinator (Tenca)
Nicola Owen Head of Early Years
Sophie Musgrave Nursery Coordinator (Colletta)
Manuela Zingarello Italian Primary Paritaria Coordinator
Angela Milne Middle Years Programme Coordinator
Patricia Radoi Diploma Programme Coordinator
Giulia Iasoni Italian Secondary Paritaria Coordinator
Zaira Onorino School Manager Symbiosis
Paola Sguazza School Manager Tenca
Laura Ballabio School Manager Colletta
Amanda Di Stefano Head of Finance

We are proud to have a multilingual teaching team of fluent English and Italian speakers that inspire and promote an Inclusive, Caring, Safe learning community. This multilingual teaching team reflects our desire to promote a multilingual learning community where all languages are honoured and valued. Teachers work collaboratively in teams to plan engaging, enriching learning experiences that enable a cohesive learning experience for all our students.

In the Primary School we have specialist teachers for Music, Drama, Art & Design and PE as well as specialist additional language teachers to enable our multilingual learners to develop literacy in both English and Italian. We believed that the partnership between families and our teachers is fundamental to the success of each student’s learning experience, and our team are always available to speak with families and offer support, advice and guidance when necessary.