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Why ICS Milan

ICS Tenca Campus

The world today changes radically and quickly: scenarios change, jobs transform, and in some cases they disappear altogether, leaving space for new and surprising professions.

We asked ourselves: how can we prepare our children and make them citizens of the world, capable of moving with ease and autonomy? Able to anticipate, read and interpret new needs, to propose new solutions?

ICS Milan was born from these questions and dreams: an international educational centre that maintains strong ties with the area, with Italian culture and with the design culture, from which it borrows its values, as wells as its style, that distinguishes "Italianness" in the world.

Students ICS Milan

Design, as research and planning, gives students the tools that allow them to have an in-depth knowledge of a problem, within different settings, to face and solve it by following a process they will have made their own in their learning journey at ICS.

ICS Milan follows different approaches based on a specific school level. Find out everything about programs and Accreditations.


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