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The activities in Kindergarten are planned according to the children’s interests and motivations with the belief that if children are interested in a topic, they will learn more and have better knowledge retention. Thus, the planning is flexible, and the children are at the centre of the learning. We understand that learning in the early years is a very sensory and emotive experience and this can be seen throughout our classrooms. We favour a holistic approach aimed at stimulating the whole child.

Our cross curricular approach follows topics with learning paths that cross different subject areas and are structured to support understanding, reflection and awareness. We want children to be engaged and active learners, asking questions, building on their own knowledge and drawing links and conclusions.

The Kindergarten is a nurturing environment that celebrates children’s differences and supports each child to reach his or her full potential. 

Our teachers have access to regular training, and they work collaboratively across the school sites ensuring that our philosophy is shared, and the following principles upheld:

  • Planning activities that are rich in learning opportunities and that stimulate and challenge each child in a way that suits the children’s needs;
  • Working in partnership with parents to ensure best outcomes for children, this includes the regular two-way sharing of information;
  • Ensuring that all children are given the opportunity to enjoy the same activities, even if that may mean adapting things to suit different levels and abilities;
  • Ensuring that teachers are positive role models for the children;
  • Reflecting honestly on their own practice and sharing best practice with colleagues.