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A typical day

A day at Nursery is an experience rich in learning opportunities thanks to the many and varied activities that are provided for the children.

Familiar routines and patterns ensure that the children feel safe and secure as well as providing a sense of belonging, learning and fun. 

The nurturing tasks of each day (arrival, changing, mealtimes and sleep time), are planned in a way that meets the needs of each child and their family, and become an integral part of the child’s experience. 

Daily Timetable

8.30 / 9.15 am Morning arrival / Free Play
9.15 / 9.30 am Circle time (songs, stories)
9.30 / 10.00 am Bathroom and snack
10.00 / 11.45 am Continuous provision, morning activities.
11.45 am / 12.00 pm Story time and lunch preparation
12.00 / 12.45 pm Lunch time
1.00 / 3.00 pm Sleep time 
3.00 / 3.30 pm Snack
3.30 / 4.00 pm Circle time, goodbyes and home-time*

*Home-time can be staggered by different age groups.

Most of the children attend full-time. However, school education is not compulsory in this age range, and therefore some children may attend for shorter periods or go home after lunch or attend for less than five days a week.