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Getting started

The settling-in period is unique to every child and is affected by many elements including personality and previous experiences. The manner-in-which we handle transitions at ICS Milan is designed to support the emotional and social development of each child, ensuring that they feel welcome, safe and supported and giving them the necessary time and space. 

Little girl playing with flour

The role of the parent or familiar adult is fundamental during the transition phase and we work closely with each family, welcoming the presence of the adult in the nursery as the child takes their first steps on their learning journey with us. Families receive constant guidance and support from our team to ensure that each child’s experience is positive and nurturing.

Children are introduced to new experiences and concepts through a range of activities and play opportunities especially designed to interest and intrigue them. Children’s experiences are guided by our team who work to establish bonds with the families and understand the children’s individual needs and motivations. Children feel welcomed and celebrated as they discover their new environment.

Each child’s transition period follows its own path and is adapted to meet the needs of the child. The average settling-in time for nursery aged children is approximately 10 days.