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ICS Milan Primary School is an educational project with an international curriculum aimed at developing creative thinking through real-life, hands-on experiences and through acknowledging each student's unique set of skills, experiences and potential.

ICS Milan's international learning journey is defined by a well structured and rich curriculum that simultaneously integrates the Cambridge Primary Programme (English and math), IPC - International Primary Curriculum - (science, social studies, geography, history, art, and international mindedness) and the national recommendations for the Italian curriculum as established by MIUR.

This learning journey is enhanced by an innovative teaching and learning approach, which uses the process of guided creativity, typical of the design process, to support the development of problem-solving and the expression of each child's potential.

Our teachers create lessons that are filled with opportunities. Academic results are achieved whilst supporting the children in acquiring an awareness of their own individual capabilities. Teachers encourage the development of critical and analytical thinking, freedom of thought and expression, and they place importance on cultural differences and curiosity as a driving force in the learning process.

The school has been designed as an inviting and stimulating environment. Our classrooms are flexible spaces that support learning and experimenting with opportunities that vary and differ every day.

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