Design Approach

Students during the Design Lab

ICS Milan Design Approach

Many schools have creative laboratories, our school is our laboratory.

The Design Approach was created and developed to provide ICS Milan students with a structured training in creative thinking without interruptions in their growth and development phases. From the joint work of designers and teachers on the themes of curricular didactics, it has been possible to develop a new educational approach that sees students and educators engaged in a shared growth project, based on continuous planning and the exercise of creativity in a structured way, regardless of theme or subject matter.

The learning process fostered by ICS Milan is based on the teaching and learning idea that the student is the central character in building his or her own learning path. This educational approach inspires curiosity, develops problem-solving skills to find new solutions and allows students to plan their own future.  It is based on three principles taken from the design world, which are adapted to the different educational stages in the Kindergarten and the Primary school: Discovery, Knowledge, Project.

Design Approach

Design in its most profound form is the ability to transform a problem into an opportunity for growth. At ICS Milan it is applied using these three principles across all subjects. Subjects are not closed in fixed categories but are areas for migration, which the student should be able to cross freely in order to grasp the interconnections, the references and the relationships. Because all things are connected. Design can (and should) inspire our and our children's culture.