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Design Approach

Students during the Design Lab

ICS Milan Design Approach

Many schools have creative workshops: at ICS Milan, our Laboratory is the School!

ICS teaching methodology promotes the idea that the student is the protagonist in the construction of his/her learning path. The Design Approach develops skills that can transform a problem into an opportunity for growth. Teachers and designers accompany students through progressive phases, planning exercises of creativity in a structured way regardless of the theme or subject addressed.

The teaching fields are not independent: we invite students to cross them by grasping their interconnections, references, relationships. Design is an integral part of the development of critical thinking: because it's an approach to the solution of any problem. 

The path is more important than the result because it involves curiosity, the enthusiasm of discovery, the precision of analysis, problem-solving, the ability to share, but also the courage to fail and learn from one's failure. 

The process borrows three principles from the world of design, then adapted to the different educational phases and school grades: Discovery, Knowledge, Project.

Design Approach