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Integrated Technology

Whiteboards and projectors with finger touch technology
We believe that digital technology is extremely useful for supplying students with quality learning opportunities our students can directly transfer to real life.

At ICS Milan we encourage the use of all types of technology, from the most old fashioned to the digital, finding ways to integrate and access them, so they help shape the citizens of the world who will use them in the future.

All our educational spaces, particularly those for the kindergarten children, have interactive whiteboards and projectors with finger touch technology. For our students from the age of 6 (Year 2) and our teachers we have chosen to use Apple devices to better integrate digital technology in class and to enhance learning at school and at home.

Students learning with thei iPads

The objectives for the "Learning with a child's iPad" project

(from Year 2 class)

  • To provide an excellent opportunity that is relevant and suited to learning in the twenty-first century with a curriculum that includes the use of technology;
  • To teach, refine and broaden the technological abilities that will allow students to be successful in future projects;
  • To use technology to support learning through up-to-date tools, in consistent teaching and learning cycle and the innovative use of media such as Skype video conferencing;
  • Encouraging the sensible, safe and ethical use of technology;
  • To create an environment where the use of technology is widespread and part of the everyday routine.