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The curriculum at ICS Milan is delivered in English, in line with the standards set by the Cambridge International Examinations programme.

In the Primary School the Italian culture and its language roots are maintained and reinforced by different learning activities and opportunities in Italian, which take into account the MIUR curriculum indications and guarantee the school's recognition as an officially recognised school. In the primary school there are 8 hours of Italian per week out of a total of 35 hours. In the Nursery and in Kindergarten all the activities are in English.

Two students having fun

The Italian language programme of our Primary School, which follows the most up to date guidelines issued by the Accademia della Crusca, is designed for mother tongue Italian speakers (L1 Italian level). A specific programme for Italian as an additional language learners (L2 Italian level) is available for children of other nationalities.

ICS Milan has chosen to deliver a curriculum primarily in English in order to shape students who will be able to work independently and flexibly in an ever more global context. It isn't only about the ability to speak the language but also to do with a mind-set that will become the favoured tool for analysis, understanding and finding original solutions for a widening society working across national boundaries.

This is the reason ICS Milan is a place where English is learned as a natural means of communication. It isn't reduced to a mere subject to be learned but is a tool to be used to access all learning activities and play during the day.  This is all thanks to the support of teachers who give positive and stimulating feedback and accompany their students on a learning journey that requires an ever more performative mastery of the language.