Areas of study

The school journey at ICS International School kindergarten aims to develop the following areas of learning.

Well-being, emotions and social skills

At ICS International School we are committed to making every child feel valued for their uniqueness and respected in their own choices and difficulties. We foster an emotional education based on awareness of our own and other people's feelings, knowing that this impacts on the positive image we build of ourselves and on how we perceive happiness and academic success. Any difficult moment or setback, any inevitable conflict that arises whilst learning social skills, is used as an opportunity to teach children from an emotional perspective so they can develop the skills to manage their own feelings, including negative ones. We gradually teach children that interacting with each other is a resource for themselves as well as others. We provide opportunities to follow the rules in total freedom and guide children to copy positive behaviour models. We teach cooperation, group work and a sense of community by offering practical opportunities to practise these skills, whilst respecting each child's individual pace of learning.

Language and communication

We have created a space that is rich in linguistic stimuli, where books and opportunities to tell and invent stories are a part of daily life. Teachers constantly create situations that require dialogue and discussion with children, who are encouraged to talk about themselves and their world, to interact with adults and peers, to enrich their vocabulary and to develop their listening and attention skills. We use English in various routine activities like daily story-telling rituals, nursery rhymes and songs. 


We support children to fully experience their own physicality and to understand its potential for communication and expression. The programme for physical activity supports children in getting to know their own bodies and to become masters of basic motor skills in different situations. We teach them how to respect the rules whilst playing and moving. Our teachers encourage the children to apply their knowledge about health, safety, prevention and healthy lifestyles.  

Expressive arts and design

We provide children with experiences that allow them to show their individuality, emotions, ideas and thoughts. Adults are the guides for relating to materials and the different EXPRESSIVE ARTS (linguaggi espressivi?) that support children's natural curiosity and their innate desire to tell stories. They do this through research and planning. Children are involved in group and individual activities, which as well as allowing them to relate to different materials and art forms, allow them to express their emotions in a safe context.

Literacy (reading and writing)

As research has shown time and again, the development of language and a child's literacy skills (reading and writing) are strongly influenced, not just by biological factors, but also by the environment in which they live. Their early years experiences influence their language and literacy skills as adults. This is why in the kindergarten we have created a stimulating and responsive environment, where books are a daily part of activities, and phonic games and our approach to writing support the development of these skills. This knowledge and attitude are the precursors to formal learning of reading and writing.

Logic and mathematical reasoning and problem solving

Research into learning in the first six years of life shows how important first mathematical experiences are. An inclusive and encouraging environment for their first experiences with mathematical language develops confidence in their abilities to understand and apply mathematics. These positive experiences help children to develop curiosity, imagination, inventiveness and persistence that all contribute to their future success both in and out of school. Mathematics also helps to develop learning skills that can be expressed through language, through positive attitudes towards finding solutions to difficult situations, through identifying original and creative strategies to read and understand reality.

Mathematical games allow children to experience the concept of number and quantity, early calculations, measures, space and shape.

Knowledge and understanding of the world
We support and encourage children's natural curiosity for their bodies and environment, for people and places that are important to them, for human beings and their habitats, for natural events and changes. Our learning path gives children the opportunity to experiment, ask questions, look for information, observe and resolve problems and make decisions in different contexts.


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    English Lab

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