The Kindergarten

The Kindergarten accepts children between the ages of 3 and 5. It is a developmental environment designed to promote the balanced growth of the child in terms of identity, independence, knowledge and introduction to global citizenship.  From the very first few months of school the attention paid to the child, to their emotions and to the quality of social and educational dialogue with the family all foster their well being.

The educational, design oriented workshops and the variety of languages on offer support the child's innate curiosity, developing their ability to research, to share, to discuss and cooperate and to problem solve. The multicultural environment and full immersion in the English language foster a cosmopolitan education.

The spaces in kindergarten are designed for communication. They are welcoming and beautiful and encourage respect for places and people whilst nurturing play-based learning.

Our teachers accompany each child on their journey to discover their potential by creating an environment suited to emotional learning, where empathetic relationships are built. 

The children are divided into groups according to age:

  • Pre-school (3-4 years)
  • Reception (4-5 years)

Children from 5 to 6 years follow the Year 1 curriculum, in accordance with the British learning model and in line with the Primary School curriculum. This is a transition phase from Kindergarten to Primary School.



  • English Lab

    English Lab

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  • Chinese Lab

    Chinese Lab

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  • Capoeira


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  • Baby Dance

    Baby Dance

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