The children are accompanied by guided activities and unstructured play, which guarantees choice. They are encouraged to explore, discover, talk about their experiences and express their feelings at their own pace.

The weekly curriculum activities in the learning programme include: 

Jolly Phonics

A fun phonics programme that encourages learning and develops a natural wish to decode written symbols and try to reproduce them both orally and in writing. Daily songs, stories, phonic and kinaesthetic games allow the child to learn and reproduce the sounds, recognise graphemes and acquire the dexterity necessary for writing. 

Maths makes sense

A play-based programme that teaches the basics of maths (quantity, set, number, shape, addition, subtraction).


Educational units taken from the IEYC and developed over the year to allow cross-curricular learning.  Each topic is carried out in a 5-week cycle and connected to a Design Workshop, which allows opportunities to discover, identify problems and look for solutions.

Visual arts

Through different daily activities we provide experiences linked to the visual arts, whose universal appeal always inspires keen interest amongst children. We regularly refer to specific courses linked to the use of colour that allow children to express themselves and mark-make, whilst the adult guides the children and exposes them to different materials (acrylic paint, poster paints, water colours, paint brushes, rollers, sponges etc.) and to different shapes and sizes for mark-making (horizontal, vertical, big pieces of paper, small pieces of paper etc.) A small area dedicated to different materials allows the children to make their own plans and give shape to their ideas, thanks to the prearranged setting. The area also has a 3D printer for model making. Once a week children can use the sand workshop to draw on their own experiences to pour sand, reproduce scenery, tell stories, etc.


This is a weekly session so that each child can gain practical knowledge of the richness of their own abilities, starting with listening to themselves and others. The activities aim to make the musical experience a joyful one, to cultivate individual expression in a collective activity, to develop general and specific knowledge and to enrich their vocabulary and the practical use of musical language. The voice is the main musical instrument, along with the body. 


A weekly lesson designed to promote curiosity and safety in the water. Through play, children's confidence in their own motor skills grows and they slowly begin to lose the need for support objects to help them float and swim on their own.

The curricular experiences are supported by co-curricular opportunities that involve parents in some activities and connection with the local area, through school trips and professionals and artists coming to school to present a variety of visual arts (animated reading, dramatization and puppetry, music, dance, photography and silent film, etc.), which elicit listening and the production of language, in English.


  • English Lab

    English Lab

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  • Chinese Lab

    Chinese Lab

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  • Capoeira


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  • Baby Dance

    Baby Dance

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