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Playing is a child's most intense and natural state, an activity that is fundamental for building the basics and developing personality. It is as important as eating, sleeping, affection and care. It is also a way of expressing emotions, a time of pleasure and fun and a privileged moment for relationships and learning. Our teachers prepare play spaces and ideas for games that involve a variety of materials suited to the age of the children. This allows them to observe, discover, explore, get to know and learn. At times our teachers will prepare a personal space, a small "territory" for each child, which forms a familiar, and secure base.

Play is alternated with a series of guided activities that involve ad hoc settings and spaces, allowing children to strengthen their perceptual abilities, express emotions, increase creativity and satisfy the curiosity they have for the world around them.

The 'pouring' workshop

A small protected space with a table and shelves for storing materials and tools for different activities, where they can experiment with pouring. Children can choose different and increasingly complex tools that will stimulate them to explore new versions and new solutions. This hones their hand-eye coordination and increases their sensory perception.

As well as more basic materials like flour, over time new materials like corn seeds and different pasta shapes are introduced that lead towards the beginnings of classification.

The painting workshop

The organisation of this space tells you all you need to know: a space equipped with everything children need to express themselves and leave their own signature. Here you will find a work table and plywood walls where large sheets of paper are pinned. There are also construction paper, painting materials and tools. Children gradually learn to use colours with their fingers, powders, chalks and poster paint. They learn to recognise colours and experiment with the use of paint brushes, pasting brushes, shaving brushes, sponges, rollers and spatulas. These experiences slowly teach them how to move independently and to work hard to complete their own personal projects, whilst expressing their emotions.

The 'doing' workshop

For experience with lots of materials: touching, smelling / tasting, sorting, gluing and arranging. Working with colours, different types of mixtures, rolls of card, rings, pieces of wood, glue, construction paper, chalks, wax crayons, marker pens, bags of wool, materials, trimmings from materials etc.

The construction / threading workshop 

Wooden abacuses and huge amounts of materials, wooden and metal rings, rollers, transparent bottles and different-sized rolls of card, plus much more. Each child chooses one or more abacuses and starts to play, putting the materials together? (infilare i materiali), exploring, differentiating between full and empty, concave and convex, transparent, hard and soft. Repeatedly undoing, long or short objects, choosing what to experiment with and how, making new, tall and complex sculptures, making choices, all the while training fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity and last but not least, thinking skills.


Just like for language learning, the adult doesn't teach the child but guides him or her in learning, constructing a real musical dialogue through song and rhythms of differing complexities that encourage spontaneous listening and learning. Singing is the first and most important element that is enriched by the added value of spontaneous movement and play. The voice, the breath, movement, silence, relating - all these elements become a musical language, a part of the child's life just like their mother tongue.


A moment of the day dedicated to the reading of a book in a space and time set aside solely for reading, and brought to life by voices and adult hands. Books become a ritual that accompanies the children and pre-empts the start of a particular moment of the day (before a nap, before parents come to collect them, at the start of an activity), enriching the child's experience at nursery.

We prepare different books, times and spaces according to age; tactile, sound-based books for the smallest children, bright colours, characters, theatre and stories for the older children, all of which encourage language learning, the pleasure of listening and fun, accompanied by the music of the words and pictures.


  • English Lab

    English Lab

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    Chinese Lab

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    Baby Dance

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