Assessment for learning

We constantly monitor and evaluate our students through class observations, questioning, individual and group discussions and brief weekly tests. Assessment is a fundamental part of our educational model as it provides teachers with data essential to planning the learning activities that will follow and enables the teacher to give each student appropriate strategies.

Our learning objectives are knowledge, skills and understanding and we try to provide a vast range of experiences through which the children can increase and develop what they know.

We believe that regular assessment of the children’s' work throughout the year is important. During meetings we provide parents with feedback on the progress their child is making in relation to pre‐set targets, using a four step evaluation scale ranging from 'emerging' to 'exceeding expectations'. The same scale is used for the end of year reports, which include important comments by the class teacher resulting from thorough and constant observation of the development of each child.



  • English Lab

    English Lab

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  • Chinese Lab

    Chinese Lab

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  • Capoeira


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  • Baby Dance

    Baby Dance

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