Learning by doing

We believe that most meaningful and long lasting learning occurs when students experience and discover for themselves. We want students to have a deeper understanding of what they learn and to be able to make references and connections to the world around them.

" I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand. "


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The predominant language in the classroom is English with a focus on providing children with as many opportunities as possible to develop their speaking and comprehension skills. It provides them with a variety of interesting contexts and they develop a rich and varied vocabulary.


We encourage the use of all types of technology, from the most old fashioned to the digital, finding ways to integrate and access them, so they help shape the citizens of the world who will use them in the future. We believe that digital technology is extremely useful for providing students with quality learning opportunities they can directly transfer to real life. All our educational spaces have interactive whiteboards and projectors with finger touch technology. For our students from the age of 6 (Year 2) and our teachers we have chosen to use Apple devices to better integrate digital technology in class and to enhance learning at school and at home.


Our aim is to make learning as meaningful as possible so that children are inspired and motivated in the classroom and become independent learners. Our teachers do this by planning engaging lessons which include active learning through practical tasks, inquiry and exploratory based activities as well as through the use of interactive resources and group work. We use teaching tools such as songs, videos, role‐play and mind‐mapping to help children retain knowledge, deepen their understanding of topics and make links between lessons. We ask parents and caregivers into the classroom to share their experiences when appropriate and encourage the students to share their learning at home.


We invite professionals and specialists into the classrooms to share their work, expertise and ideas with the students and provide the children with the chance to extend their understanding of concepts and topics studied in class. Throughout the school year the children enjoy a wide range of trips and excursions to museums, galleries, exhibitions, historical sites, theatres and other places of interest linked to the content of their lessons. From Year 3 upwards we organise a residential trip each year giving the children the opportunity to visit places farther away and have the experience of staying overnight without their families.


School is where children begin understanding what it means to be a member of a community and for us, citizenship is an underlying element of our school program. Through a wide range of activities and experiences we aim to provide children with a set of skills for their future. From problem solving and collaboration, to public speaking and presenting their opinion to a group, to sharing their knowledge and understanding through ‘Be the Teacher’ activities, we aim to give children the skills and experiences that will allow them to be successful and proactive future citizens. We encourage them to see the beauty around them whilst not being afraid to face the challenges and realities of the world in which they live.


Once a week the whole school comes together for assembly, an opportunity to discuss issues affecting the children in school and at home, to celebrate special achievements and to share news from the different classes. The students learn to listen to one another’s ideas, respect other people’s points of view and express their own opinions in front of a larger group.


We believe in actively using music, drama and dance to enrich and support all areas of the curriculum. These disciplines help students develop their awareness of creative modes of communication and expression. Used as teaching tools, the arts can contribute to building self‐confidence and raising self‐esteem. Opportunities for developing the children’s speaking and listening skills are embedded in all lessons and role‐play, drama and expressive activities are often incorporated into our planning. We allow students to explore and develop their talents and imagination through a variety of opportunities within the school and the greater community, including performances for their families during the year.



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