Think Tank: retail, planned by centennials

On Thursday 9th May we took part in the CIBUS International Food Exhibition where we talked about how children view food and what they would like to eat in the future, and what centennials think shops will be like in the future.

 Students of ICS International School

 Our students shared many ideas that had come up during the workshops, which took place at ICS International School between March and April with the cooperation of Altavia Italia and Mark Up! 

During the different sessions we outlined the children’s plans and vision around the concept of retail by analysing their wishes, perceptions, insights and hypotheses for physical and digital retail space.  

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The world of retail becomes a concrete expression of the impossible and the imaginary. The buying experience becomes narration and makes the impossible possible, thanks to the infinite possibilities provided by goods. The children reflected on the subject of identity, the building of ideal scenarios, the concept of value and the sorts of things that cannot be bought or sold, but only exchanged or given.

So what does “identity” mean? What is it made of? What is it for? How do we perceive it?

Food is relationships, culture, colours, languages and codes. Our traditions and experiences build the base of our “I” and are layered in our childhood dishes.

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