Year 3 - FALL DESIGN WEEK 2017

In conjunction with our Milan Fall Design Week 2017 the school opens its doors to the public to show the work and the philosophy behind our daily learning journey.

 Year 3 (a.7. 2016/2017)

 Design Lab 3 - Unit CHANGES

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Four interesting projects, one for each Primary year group, have been selected for the event in order to demonstrate the approach we use at Ludum. The projects will be the focus of a site-specific installation that visitors can follow to explore the combination of teaching, wonder, creativity and a simple problem-solving approach to find solutions to complex questions.


" The robot we designed walks along the ground like a spider. As it moves, its feet sink into the ground leaving behind small holes, which it plants with bamboo seeds. The seed tank is inside its stomach and once the hole is made, the seeds slide down through its feet and drop into the ground. The robot has a small camera with a GPS on its head to help it see which way it needs to go. "


The designers who collaborate with Ludum have been asked to work with the children to present all the nuances and complexities of the ideas that emerged during the workshops last year. The result is the integration of different ways of communication, for example the video art and 3D modelling that are typically found in the design world, with the designs and sketches produced by the children during the workshops last year. The installation has been co-produced and organised, translating the children's requests using the designers' language and tools.

KC ICS International School - Milano Fall Design Week 2017 - day1 from ICS International School on Vimeo.

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