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Globeducate Festival of Sustainability

Rainbow an a meadow

Did you know that...

No human has ever lived in a world with as much C02 as now?

2016 was the hottest year on record, and 2019 was the second hottest year?

Amphibians are the most endangered class?

73 per cent of deforestation for land use is caused by the food and agriculture industries?

Each country has its own unique changes to make – where we live has a significant impact on the dietary and consumer choices we should make?

All these issues were addressed during the global webinar that brought together 17 Globeducate schools, including ICS Milan, from Europe and India.

The webinar was led by WWF-UK Education Manager Matt Larsen-Daw to launch a new cross-cultural, international Globeducate Festival of Sustainability.

Introducing this new Globeducate and WWF festival in the weeks leading up to International Climate Action Day on 24th October, he explained that none of us is powerless to bring about change and what we can do as individuals and schools can make a difference to our future. Through the things that we do, say, buy, choose, we all have the potential to influence others and to make an impact. A difference can be made in every classroom, every home. The individual reach and potential of each of our 25,000 students to impact on climate action is huge.

International day of Climate action

During the course of the 2020/21 academic year, these Eco-Schools co-ordinators will have a wealth of WWF resources to draw on and a number of online events for Globeducate schools to attend with students, regular check-in webinars to share good practice and ideas, and a showcase in June to celebrate what has been achieved.  Other WWF-UK events this year include an inter-school WWF quiz in January and, for the first time, Primary aged children will also be learning how to take part in these online webinars and discussions.

We look forward to the Festival of Sustainability Showcase in June 2021.

Primary Students project for WWF