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Photo Lab

Girl taking a photograph

ICS Milan Photo Lab follows an educational path characterized by a playful approach, which accompanies students (aged 8 to 13 years old) in the exploration of the principles of photography.

Starting from some theoretical hints, for example how an image is created through light, the course explores the concepts of photography with the creation and use of a pinhole, the study of framing and photographic composition.

Pupils will be able to experiment with analog photography, participate in the development of a photographic film and then move on to using digital cameras. At the end of the course, each participant will create a personal project, able to tell a “story” with only the images produced.


(30 hours)

  1. Introduction to photography;
  2. Construction and use of a pinhole (pinhole);
  3. Development of photographs made with pinhole;
  4. Photographic exercises with a disposable camera;
  5. Realization of a personal project with digital equipment (camera or smartphone);
  6. Analysis of the completed works (possibly printed).