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Ballet girls dancing at the bar

Ballet is a discipline that develops muscular work and flexibility of movement in all parts of the body, increases coordination and posture control and improves poise. In addition to the physical benefits, the study and practice of classical dance contributes to personal growth, because it develops the elegance of the gesture and the search for beauty and instills motivation to overcome one's limits, strengthening the sense of confidence in one's abilities.

The purpose of the course is to convey the passion for dance, the teaching approach is modeled in full respect of the age, the skills of the student and her physical structure.
Additional benefits of ballet:

  • Have a correct posture, avoiding spinal and back problems
  • Improving the strength, elasticity of the joints and muscles
  • Control the anxiety, exuberance and aggressiveness of the child who is working on himself and with others in compliance with the rules.
  • Accustom the child to active listening, improving the ability to learn and concentrate
  • Train to achieve one’s goals, increasing self-discipline and self-confidence.

Price: 550 €


The course will start in the week of 27/09/2021 - 01/10/2021.
Registrations received after 24/09/2021 will go to the waiting list and be confirmed after 27/09/2021.
In this case, the trial lesson is not guaranteed.

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