Yoga for Children

Little girl doing Yoga

Life is all about balance and connection.  The word “Yoga” means union, union of body, mind and spirit. Through yoga games, songs  and exercises,  children’s  bodies and minds become stronger and more flexible in a playful carefree manner. 

By performing yoga “asanas” (positions) children’s psychomotor development is strongly enhanced as it helps develop balance and strength in their bodies and muscles while balancing their minds at the same time. Yoga also helps improve children's capacity to concentrate, focus and observe and deal with their emotions in a peaceful non-competitive environment. 

Becoming trees children learn stability and grounding, becoming snakes they learn to transform and change their “skin”, and becoming lions children become fearless and strong. 
Yoga is a precious gift to our children  which will last a lifetime as it will help them see, feel and develop the gem they have within.