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Art club - Talking Hearts

Artwork done during Arts & Crafts Lab

Age: 3-5 years old Price: 600 €This project wants to recreate a dimension where the children can explore themselves through art and games.

From the age of 3 to 4, the child usually finds out the expressive potential of symbolisation by understanding the possibility of controlling and directing his or her movements. Practice is the only way to train this awareness and it is, at the same time, the only way to question it. This is why Talking Hearts would like to let the children play with different materials and techniques, recreating a place where fun is a matter of growth. Some of the techniques we will explore: oil pastels, chalks, salt dough, collage, clay, plaster cast... At the end of the year children will organize an exhibit where they will be able to present their work to their families.  

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