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Baby Music Club

Students during Music together Lab

Age: 0- 3 years*
          3 - 4 years
Nursery, Preschool and Reception
*For the 0-3 years course, every child is expected to be accompanied by an adult.

Price: 575 €The Early Childhood Music Course is a course that allows to immerse the children in a world of music and "discovery".

This musical journey takes place in a group through a playful approach to music and its fundamental components. The goals of this musical journey are: the development of cooperation and collaboration, fostering empathy, emotional and relational skills, listening, attention and concentration skills and encourage children to appreciate and love music throughout their whole life.

The main objectives of the course are:

  • Develop the child's interest in music
  • Develop basic musical skills
  • Develop the ability to express and communicate their emotions through music in a reassuring and familiar context


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