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Drama Club

Age: from Reception to Year 1

Price: 550 €Drama Club - "The life inside" is a theatre workshop created to teach the students to be aware of the different emotions that we experience as human beings. Students will learn to recognize, experience and enjoy all the feelings we are made of through play, improvisation, physical and vocal work.


STRUCTURE: 45 minutes weekly meetings from October 2022 to May 2023

PERFORMANCE: there will be an open class for the students’ parents.

WHAT DO WE DO DURING A THEATRE CLASS?: Each student will discover his/her uniqueness and develop confidence, while exploring the possibilities of the body and of their emotions. Having fun using theatre tools, the students will learn how to listen to each other and express themselves freely.


1. Opening circle to welcome each other.
2. Theatrical exercises based on the topic of the lesson.
3. Closing circle to share feedbacks and greetings.

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