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Musica per tutti Junior

Age: 3-4 years
Preschool- Reception
Starting in January
Price: 470 €"Musica per tutti Junior" is a music education course developed by the Yamaha Music Foundation.
With the Yamaha method, children learn music in a fun way, with a practical and innovative approach that will enable them to play the keyboard from the very first lesson. 

The aim is to develop a forma mentis able to play freely with notes and then connect them with each other. In this way, aspects of musical training can be transformed, renewed and applied in all forms of personal and creative expression.


  • To foster a love of music in children.
  • To develop the ear and general musical skills.
  • Cultivate the ability to express oneself.
  • In this natural, practical and immediate learning process, the child first listens, then imitates through singing and then transfers what he or she has already learnt through the ear and voice onto the keyboard. All this is accompanied by note-reading games.


A music workshop will be set up complete with: 

  • Yamaha musical keyboards for each pair of children
  • A professional Yamaha keyboard for the teacher
  • Teaching materials available in the workshop

The course will be taught by a specialist teacher, supported by a tutor. 

Course is offered by Scuola di Musica MC.

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