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Through this Needlework course, students will find inspiration and feel empowered to express themselves through the projects they envision and create. The course will teach valuable life skills in the creation of artistic handmade crafts, offering students a sense of joy and fulfillment upon completing their unique and functional projects.

Each class session will begin with a demonstration or tutorial on the project, followed by students working on their individual projects with direct guidance and immediate feedback from the teacher. Depending on the project's difficulty, each project can be completed in 3-4 class sessions. Completed projects will be showcased during a school assembly and can also be auctioned for fundraising to support chosen causes.

This course provides an opportunity for students from Year 7 to Year 11 to develop skills in needlework, build creativity, and improve resilience and perseverance by finishing projects despite challenges. The Needlework course aims to create a supportive environment where students can share and explore their interests in sewing, embroidery, other needle arts, and fashion.