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Comics Club

Age: 6-11 years
From Year 2 to Year 7

Price: 630 €

The course aims to teach students the first foundamentals of comic book storytelling.

These include:

  • Creative writing: developing a plot through its main characters and the world in which it is set. 
  • Design: graphic creation of characters and environments, anatomy and perspective skills. Inking lessons. 
  • Direction: basic techniques to tell a story using comics. Learning how to best use cartoons and speech balloons. 

The above-mentioned techniques will be taught to students more through practical exercises rather than theory-based learning, in order to make the experience, as formative and fun as possible. 

The final aim of the course is to provide students with the necessary knowledge to be able to write and draw a short comic of their own creation, which will then be printed, bound and redistributed. 

The materials needed to get started are few but fundamental: graphite pencils, rubber, sharpener, A4 sheets. Subsequently, the use of Fabriano sheets (33x24 format) and rapid markers will be required. 

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