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Drama Club

Places for this course are sold out.
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Age: 6 - 10 years old

Price: 600 €Drama Club is a theatre workshop to let students approach the art of the stage through play,  improvisation, physical work, exercises specifically aimed at imagination and creativity development.  

STRUCTURE: 90 minutes weekly meetings the end of September to the beginning of June.

PERFORMANCE: two moment of performances will be planned: an open class in December, before Christmas, for students' parents, to share the process, and a final show at the end of the academic year. 

WHAT DO WE DO DURING A THEATRE CLASS?: psychomotricity plays to discover the never ending narrative possibilities of the body, storytelling to develop fantasy, work with space and voice as tools for attention and listening, plays and exercises to develop an healthy relationships between students. Theatre tools will be used, such as  improvisation, drama, writing for the stage.      

TYPICAL CLASS: opening circle to welcome esce other, plays to activate energy, theatrical exercises based on the topic of the lesson, plays of performance, scenes, monologues, closing circle to share feedbacks and greetings. 

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