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Theatre Programme

From Year 7

Price: 750 €The ICS Theatre Company is an opportunity for students to further their interest in Drama and Performing Arts. Students will participate in supervised creative dramatic activities and be exposed to different theatrical skills which they will learn and develop throughout the process of putting on a play.

The club will work on developing students' creative thinking skills, team building, leadership skills, confidence, collaboration, and stage presence. Students will explore the various job roles of a theatre company (director, performer, designer, creator) and develop their knowledge and understanding of performing in a theatre production. In April 2023 students will perform in a full-scale production of the play to the school community and parents.



  • Students will know the main job roles of a theatre company and how to execute those roles effectively
  • Students will understand the process of taking a play from the page to the stage
  • Students will be able to perform a character that is completely different to themselves
  • Students will develop the essential skills of collaboration, communication, leadership and thinking.

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