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Swimming Programme

ICS teams are created in collaboration with Nexus, for registration please contact:

The course will form an ICS Swimming Team.
The team will compete in friendly matches throughout the year with other international schools. 

Swimming is extremely important for the development of children; it works their entire body (inside and outside). It builds their self esteem when they feel confident in the water. It helps with their breathing and is a low impact sport with little injuries.

Students begin their swimming training with a warm-up (200m), they are normally allowed to choose their stroke. After their warm-up they will swim stroke drills which helps them improve their stroke while working on their fitness. Swimming drills are important because it forces a swimmer to think about how they are swimming that specific stroke. 

After their drill session, they will then swim the stroke. It is normally 100-200m per stroke. Finally they swim their cool-down with their choice of stroke. 

Throughout the swimming season, students will swim sessions where they will focus on strength sessions (long distance), kick sessions, pull sessions and stroke drill sessions (normally 100m per drill), and sprint sessions (25m, to help them with their speed).